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Teachers and students can work at their own pace to interact with each other.
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How to Create Your Educational Videos

Steps to make online courses, tutorials, and training videos for your online educational purpose.
Make engaging videos to get your students' focus.
demoair online recording
Online Video Recording
3 Recording mode to select. Select desktop recording to capture your entire screen, current tab to capture only the current browser tab. You can also select webcam only to capture only what your webcam sees.
real time drawing
Real Screen Drawing
You can make annotations on your screen when recording, adjust the color and thickness of drawing tool accordingly, highlight your screen by focus mouse, and highlight clicks.
video trimming
Video Trimming
You can trim a video after you have finished recording it on the Video Details Page. Remove the unwanted clips from the start or the end of the timeline.
video download
Video Download
Export Videos in Webm or MP4 format. Watch and re-watch the video at any time at your own pace.
video sharing
Video Sharing
Recordings will be auto-saved to Google Drive. Submit your video assignment directly to Google Classroom. Embed the recording into your education website or blog post. Upload to YouTube or send in Gmail directly from DemoAir to transfer knowledge across.

DemoAir Works Everywhere You Do

Seamlessly record your educational videos and instantly share to different platfroms
create a class
Creating a Class and
Adding Students
Announcements for
Your Students
Create Google Classroom
Assignment with DemoAir
Securely Collect Video
Submissions from Students
Spark Discussions with the
Video Questions Feature
Easily Manage Your Videos
with DemoAir Video Folder
embed video
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6 Best Educational Videos Types

Make more engaging and attractive videos for your education or school project.
flip lesson video

Flipped Lessons Video

Flipped Lessons Video

Teachers can better maximize class time for higher-order, student-centered, collaborative learning activities, help teachers standardize content for core and required classes. Students can view and review videos at their own pace and during times convenient to them.

classroom assignment

Classroom Assignment

Classroom Assignment

Teachers can quickly screencast and submit assignments from DemoAir. Video helps educators go beyond traditional essays, assessments, reading assignments, and other types of homework.

presentation slide recording

Presentation Slide Recording

Presentation Slide Recording

Record narration with your presentation will make your recording professional and polished. Presentations recording will virtually update any formal knowledge sharing. Make your educational project clear, understandable, and memorable.

practice narration

Practice Narration and Language Skills

Practice Narration and Language skills

Students can create screencasting videos of themselves with narration when learning a foreign language. Before conducting an interview or participate in a speech contest, students can practice more by recording, track fluency and giving feedback to themselves.

video feedback

Give Personal Video Feedback

Give Personal Video Feedback

Teachers can perform digital walk-throughs of student work and do what amounted to a think-aloud commentary simultaneously. Grade an assignment and give video feedback to students.

explicit direction

Explicit Directions

Explicit Directions

When students begin a complex assignment, teachers can also create directions recording videos that allows students to follow important information.

Highlights of DemoAir Online Screen Recorder for
Education – Why Is It Better?

high quality recording
High-quality Recording
mouse recording
Mouse Recording
Annotation when Recording
show yourselve
Show Yourself in the Video
quick video trim
Quick Video Trimming
instant video sharing
Instant Video Sharing
Communicate with Videos Now!
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