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Free Online Screen Recorder for Chrome

Record your screen, webcam, or both, then share video messages instantly. DemoAir is an essential tool for team communication.
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Quick to record. Simple to share. Built for Everyone.

DemoAir Works Wherever You Do
DemoAir screen recorder extension makes you transfer knowledge faster and provide a more efficient and expressive way to communicate. With DemoAir, you can record your video message from a browser tab, a webcam, or a full desktop view. DemoAir works with your team stacks with powerful integrations into Google Classroom, GitHub, Jira, Slack, Asana and Trello.

How DemoAir Works

Record your screen and camera
To express yourself better
Add annotation when recording
Highlight on your screen
Engage your videos with folders
Easy to manage your recordings
Trim your video with 1- Click
Lightweight video editing
Instant sharing with link
Generate shareable link in no time
Download or share to different platform
Let your viewer control the pace

DemoAir Integrates into
Your Workflow

Seamlessly record and embed videos right inside your existing development tools.
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An Effective & Expressive Way to Communicate

DemoAir offers you an efficient and time-saving way to communicate with your colleagues, students, teachers and partners expressively.

Customized Educational Videos

Teachers can instantly record and submit video lessons, assignments and directions screencasts for students' understanding.
  • Instantly record your lesson with narrations and webcam.
  • Add annotation and mouse highlight.
  • Quickly share to Google Classroom.
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Visual Feedback and Interaction

Share your work and collaborate with your team will be easy with the all-in-one video message tool.
  • Showcase your work by recording your screen, camera or both.
  • Use the drawing tool to illustrate your ideas.
  • Generate your shareable link with one click and instantly share to anywhere your team works.
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Give Review to Your Code or Design

You can always capture a video to elaborate a product demo, a code bug, design mistakes and more to accelerate the process, avoid frequent meetings or interruptions.
  • Show exactly what your code does, replicate and record bugs.
  • Easily showcase your rough idea, prototypes and design.
  • Easily share or embed videos inside your existing development tools such as Slack, GitHub, Jira, Trello, Asana.
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Accelerate Sales Cycles with Video

Record over a website, presentation, or professional profile to build a personal connection with your prospect. Generate embed code for your recording then copy and paste into your website or blog.

Support with the Power of Video

Share information and show them next steps to customers to solve their problems. Easily share videos in Gmail, chatbox, or anywhere else you want to support your customers.

Easy Video Creation for Everyone

Share your design ideas with a video, avoid frequent meetings.
Create stunning product videos and marketing material for your customers.
Take a leap in remote learning by creating informative study material.
Make video presentations or feedback videos to be a few steps ahead of others.
Customer Service
Use the best visual solutions to resolve your customer’s doubt instantly.
Customer Service
Facilitate team communication with engaging product or code reviews videos.

What Our Users Are Saying

This extension is very easy to use for recording a video without download any software. Cool!
—John Smith
Great tool to create videos online. I used it to make a teaching video and my students told me it's great for them to watch and understand.
—Mary Alice
DemoAir is an amazing video recording extension for online video record. I made several videos for customer service, they are nice.

Power up Your Screen Recording, Online and Offline

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Open Chrome to install