Top 5 Free Online Video Recorders in 2022 [No Installation Needed]

Top 5 Free Online Screen Recorders 2022

Wondershare DemoAir

DemoAir is an easy-to-use screen recorder to capture your screen and webcam to create a video message for better communication.

In the present time, screen recording has become one of the most vital things in academics, marketing, gaming, and numerous other sectors. Though, if you want a lightweight tool, then you can consider trying an online video recorder instead. Without downloading any application, a free online video recorder will meet your professional needs in no time. Here, I will let you know how to pick a video recorder and would also list the top 5 online screen recorders that you can use online.

Why Use an Online Video Recorder?

If you want to record your screen and share it with others, then an online video recorder would fit the bill. Therefore, before we list some of the best free online video recorders, let’s quickly consider their requirements.

  • No Installation Needed

    The best part about online video recorders is that they won’t need any installation or downloading on your system. You can just go to their web-based tool or browser extension to use their services whenever you want.

  • Desktop or Browser Recording

    Another good thing about online video recorders is that they can instantly record your screen activities. You can also record the activities on your browser to introduce a web service or any other desktop app to create a product demo.

  • Easy to Use

    If you are a beginner, then you might find most of the desktop video recording tools a bit complicated to use. On the other hand, online screen recorders are easier to use with a lightweight interface.

  • Seamless Connectivity and Effectiveness

    With the help of video recordings, you can establish a face-to-face connection with your audience. This would make it easier for you to discuss any topic or share your views with your audience in a more effective way.

Wondershare DemoAir

DemoAir is an online screen recorder to record your desktop, browser tab or webcam only and share videos directly to different platforms.


How to Choose the Best Online Video Recorder?

If you search on the web, you can find out numerous online video recorders. Though, if you want to pick the best free online video recorder, then consider the following things in mind:

  • Ease of Use

    Since some video recorders can be complicated to use, they can have a substantial learning curve. That’s why you should consider picking an online video recorder with a friendly interface that you can instantly use.

  • Recording Interface Selection

    The video recording tool that you are interested in must have a feature to select the target recording area. For instance, you can choose to record the browser, desktop, or any other application. It should also let you remove any unwanted part of the screen from the recording area.

  • Annotation Options

    The online video recorder should also have drawing or annotation options to add comments. This would let you focus on key areas or include notes while recording.

  • Easy Sharing Features

    Lastly, make sure that you can download the video in a preferred format on your system. Also, there should be options to share the recorded video with others via Google Drive, unique URLs, YouTube and so on.

  • Screen Recorder with No Watermark

    Some free online video recorders would leave their watermark on the video that won’t look professional. Therefore, you should always pick a screen recorder that won’t leave any watermark on the video.

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The 5 Best Free Online Video Recorders [and Chrome Extensions]

Now when we have covered all the basics, let’s get to know about some of the best Chrome Extensions that can be used as an online video recorder.

1. Wondershare DemoAir for Chrome

Developed by Wondershare, DemoAir is one of the best online video recorders that you can use for free. It is a secure Google Chrome extension that you can use via your browser without installing anything on your system. It provides dedicated features to record activities on a browser or desktop and can also instantly share video recordings with others.


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  • Using DemoAir, you can instantly record the activity of your browser, desktop screen, or even select a dedicated application on your system.

  • There are provisions to include or exclude webcam, microphone, or system audio during the video recording of the screen.

  • DemoAir offers an inbuilt Drawing Tool that would let you add annotations, focus on any area, highlight mouse clicks, and do so much more.

  • Users can also organize their recorded videos via DemoAir and instantly share them with others by generating unique URLs.

  • Wondershare DemoAir is one of the most user-friendly screen recorders that leave no watermark on videos.

  • Recordings can directly be uploaded on Google Drive

  • Embedding code can be generated

  • Draw anything on the screen

  • 5 minutes limit per recording for trial version

2. AceThinker Online Video Recorder

AceThinker has also come up with a dedicated online video recorder that can be used for free. It will let you select a particular area to be recorded and can also integrate the microphone input on your system.


  • You can also go to the website of this free online video recorder to start recording your system’s screen without downloading anything.

  • It offers Chrome/Firefox add-ons that would let you crop the area to be recorded.

  • You can also turn on/off the input for your system’s audio or microphone.

  • Users can customize the video recording by trimming it and export it in different formats and video resolutions.

  • Lightweight and easy to use

  • It lets us share videos directly on popular social media platforms

  • Lack of video editing options

  • Limited annotation features

3. Loom Video Recorder for Chrome

Loom is another popular suite that has come up with a dedicated video recorder for Chrome. This free online video recorder will let you record videos for up to 5 minutes per recording and 25 videos at most for trial version. For its unlimited videos and recording length, you can get its premium version.


  • You can install Loom online video recorder on your Chrome browser to record your screen’s activity.

  • The recorder has options to include or exclude the system’s microphone or camera for the recording.

  • A video drawing tool is also included to let you highlight anything while recording the screen.

  • Other premium features include viewer insights, custom branding, call-to-action, and more.

  • Custom and public viewing options

  • Integrations with multiple platform such as Gmail, Intercom, Jira and so on.

  • Seamless features to share screen recordings with others

  • A bit complicated to use than other online recorders.

  • The free version can only record videos for 5 minutes at most.

  • 14 days limits in business trial version

4. ScreenCastify Video Recorder

ScreenCastify is one of the best solutions to cast your screen or record it. The premium online video recorder is available for an annual subscription of $49 for unlimited recording.


  • Once the online video recorder is added to Chrome, it will let you record your browser or desktop activities.

  • You can also record your webcam and integrate the input from the system’s audio or its microphone.

  • The screen recorder will produce no watermark and would let you upload your videos to YouTube or Google Drive.

  • Also supports the recording of webcam only

  • Directly upload the lesson videos to Google Classroom.

  • It is a bit expensive than other online video recorders.

  • You would have to get its paid version to record unlimited videos.

5. Webcamera Online Video Recorder

Lastly, if you are looking for a lightweight and free online webcam recorder, then you can try Webcamera. Developed by 123Apps, it is a 100% free tool that can record your webcam with other add-on features.


  • Without paying anything or even creating your account, you can record your webcam using this online video recorder.

  • You will also get options to include different filters while recording the video on Webcamera’s interface.

  • Once the video is recorded, it can directly be downloaded, or you can export it to Google Drive or Dropbox.

  • Some other inbuilt features include mirror mode, echo effect, custom screen output, and so on.

  • Free and easy to use

  • No need to install any video recording software on your PC

  • It can only record webcam (no screen recording options).

  • No video editing or trimming features.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Screen Recorder

    • Can I record just the webcam input on DemoAir?

      Yes, you can choose to record only the webcam input on DemoAir. Go to its Chrome extension icon and select the “Webcam Only” mode. If you choose to record your entire screen or specific browser tab, you can include/exclude microphone recording with your webcam from here.

    • Can I record presentation videos and add annotations?

      Yes, you can record presentation videos with DemoAir easily. For instance, you can record Google Slides activities on a browser or PowerPoint presentations by recording your desktop. There is also an inbuilt drawing tool in DemoAir to add annotations or focus on any area while recording browser.

    • How can I record any software’s interface specifically?

      With DemoAir, you can also record a dedicated interface for any desktop application. To do this, just start the recording and select the Desktop Recording mode. Later, you can record the entire screen or select a specific window of the tool that you want to record.

That’s a wrap! As you can see, it is pretty easy to record your screen’s activity with an online video recorder. Though, if you are looking for an advanced screen recorder with no watermark feature, then try DemoAir. The free Chrome extension will let you instantly record your screen and share the recorded videos with others on the go.

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