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Online Webpage Screenshot Capture

Take the Screenshot of a Webpage in Easy 1-2-3

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Type in or copy/paste the URL of the webpage you want to capture. Make sure the "Full-page Screenshot" option is turned on if you want to capture the entire page..
how to screenshot an entire page
Set the format and click the "Capture" button to start the webpage screenshot generation. You can crop, resize or blur the captured image on the exporting page.
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Preview the page screenshot before you try to copy the screenshot to the clipboard, or click "Done" to save it to Cloud (Google Drive / Wondershare Drive) or Local.

Why Use the Online Website Screenshot Generator

website snapshots

Website Snapshots

It's a service for taking screenshots of web pages, with a neat interface for creating any form of web screenshot for website archiving.
screenshot entire webpage

Mobile Emulation

This free online tool supports taking a web page to the size suitable for a computer or mobile phone, meeting the need to view it on different devices.
full webpage screenshot

Marketing Promotion

Part or entire page screenshots are optimized for social media and search engines can be an effective viral marketing tool because they're easy to share.
take screenshot on Windows and Mac

Security Appliances

For various reasons, you may be blocked from sending emails or website links. Grab a screenshot of the webpage and share it with your customers or anyone.

Why DemoAir Online Tools Stand Out


Fast Export

Clicks to generate a webpage screenshot. Neat UI with smooth operation, 10~20s to save a captured image. DemoAir could be your best assistant.

Reliable and Stable

Our online website capture tool guarantees stable and high-quality grabbing, we're getting a whole load of every website to export the entire contents of a page.

Secure and Convenience

We support screenshots saved in Google Drive or Wondershare Drive for easy sharing. You don't need any special browser add-ons or screen capture software.

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FAQs About Website Screenshot Generator

  • A screenshot is a digital image showing a computer display's contents. They are also known as screen capture. They are created by taking a 'photo' of the computer screen.

    DemoAir can easily capture an image of your computer screen with the free & online screen clipping tool.

  • Taking a screenshot while using DemoAir (DemoCreator Cloud Service) is a simple process. You have the ability to capture a screenshot on your Windows or Mac device.

    Sign in to your existing WSID account, or if you're a first-time user, create a new WSID and log in.

    To take screenshots, input the URL of the webpage, and select "desktop" or "Mobile" based on the device you want to view the image on. Thus, you determined the size of the image.

    The default is to take a screenshot of the visible area only. Toggle on "Full-page screenshot" turns to capture the entire page of your URL. Then click the "Capture" button to start the process.

    In the export page, the online edit tools allow you to crop, resize or blur the screenshots in seconds.

    Copy to clipboard or click "Done" to save screenshots to cloud or local files.

  • Absolutely! Any screenshot can be imported into a video project if one so chooses. You can superimpose the image or screenshot on top of your video timeline.

    To explore more possibilities, it is suggested that you can try Wondershare DemoCreator, which is a one-stop solution for screen recording and video editing.

  • What you see on the screen of your computer can be captured in digital form and saved as a "screenshot." Content providers frequently utilize screenshots to supply illustrative examples of their work or products.

    Web designers can also use them to display their designs and layouts. They are the digital version of a blueprint or sketch, in which all of your ideas can be arranged in one location for viewing.

    Utilizing the free online webpage screenshot tool confers a great number of benefits, including the following:

    • There are no prerequisites in terms of experience or education; anyone can make use of it.

    • You have the ability to record anything that appears on your screen.

    • It is a time saver because it eliminates the need to capture images and then edit them.

    • It enables users to share ideas, texts, and photographs with one another and collaborate on projects.

    • It is simple to operate and quick.

    • You do not need to wait for the process to be completed.

  • Although a screenshot and a screen capture may appear to be same at first glance, there is a subtle difference between the two. Regardless of the device it was taken on; a screenshot always refers to a single, still image. Taking a screenshot, also known as a desktop screen capture or shot, involves recording anything from photos to interactive GIFs or pictures from your display. Although it has numerous applications, using it to record the complete contents of a page is a waste of time. However, it is useful in many other contexts. Let's say you want to show someone a complete table on a spreadsheet. If this were the case, would you take screen-sized screenshots of it and start sharing each one individually? The other person will be put in an awkward position, and it will be difficult for that individual to put everything together.

    Consequently, if you want to capture pages in their entirety, such as by capturing screenshots of a complete spreadsheet, table, or website, you can take advantage of our website's online screen recording option. Previewing these automatically created screenshots in an image viewer may require you to scroll. However, this eliminates the need for you to produce several copies of the file. Because it is possible to summarise multiple aspects of a screen in a single image, it is currently being utilized in the field of tutoring as well.

  • A screenshot generator is a helpful piece of software that might come in handy in certain circumstances. For instance, you could be interested in viewing the most recent screenshot that Google has captured from your website during one of its crawler's visits.

    Another possibility is that your website is experiencing technical difficulties, in which case you should snap a screenshot and submit it to the hosting firm for your website. You might be making changes to your website, or you might have a developer making those changes for you, and in any case, you might require a screen capture to view the changes or to keep a history of them. Sharing screenshots with the developer of the website online and having a discussion about what you see there is another option.

    Another scenario could be that you are working for an organization that is in the process of constructing a website, and you want to show other people screen pictures of the site so that they can provide feedback on it. Or, if you are working on something, you might want to send the screenshots to your pals while you are working on it.

    In point of fact, there are an infinite number of scenarios in which screen captures are helpful. Computer manufacturers made the "print screen" option available for a very long time because they anticipated its use. They have ensured that the operating systems used on their devices are compatible with this instrument by making the necessary adjustments.