Install the DemoAir Chrome Extention

User Guide

Follow the guide below to see how to use Wondershare DemoAir.

Install/ Uninstall the Record Extension

Welcome to Wondershare DemoAir! Express Your Ideas Better with Video. DemoAir is an easy Chrome extension to record your screen and webcam to create a video message for better communication.

To get started, you can install the DemoAir from:

  1. Our website
  2. Go directly to the Chrome Web Store

You must be using the Google Chrome browser to install and use Wondershare DemoAir. Learn the article to know how to Download and Install Google Chrome

Install from Our Website

From our official website, click the purple "ADD TO CHROME" button. You'll immediately be taken to the Chrome Web Store.

install from home page

Install from the Chrome Web Store

From the Chrome Web Store, click the blue "Add To Chrome" button. You'll see a confirmation box confirming that you want to install the extension. Click "Add extension". DemoAir will then begin downloading. 

add to chrome

After DemoAir Is Installed

Once the DemoAir Chrome Extension is finished installing, our icon demoair icon will appear in the top right-hand corner of your browser. Click the icon to get started.

finished install

If you can't find your DemoAir Chrome extension

It's possible it's hidden behind the puzzle icon puzzle-icon. Clicking the icon will let you enter full access to your extensions to choose which one are visible. Here's how to pin and unpin Chrome extensions from the toolbar:

    1. Click the Extensions button- the small puzzle icon next to the profile avatar.
    2. If it's blue it means the extension is showing if white it means it’s hidden. Click the Pin icon to Pin Extensions to the Chrome Toolbar.
    3. You will now see the DemoAir extension next to the puzzle icon in the top right corner of your browser window.

You can then use the online video recorder to capture lecture, presentation, review, explainer video and so on.


Uninstall (Remove) DemoAir from the Browser

To remove DemoAir from the browser, right-click the icon demoair icon on the right of the address bar and select Remove from Chrome.

remove demoair

Feel free to share your ideas about how DemoAir can offer you a better user experience.