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User Guide

Follow the guide below to see how to use Wondershare DemoAir.

Record Browser Tab

If you want DemoAir to capture only the current browser tab, you can choose the browser tab recording.

Start Your Tab Recording

1. Start recording by clicking on the DemoAir Chrome extension as shown below.

chrome extension

2. Select the Browser Tab option.

  • To record voice-over with your microphone, set up access to your "Microphone" and choose your audio device.
  • To record your browser tab and the webcam stream simultaneously, set up access to your "Webcam" and choose your webcam device.
  • To capture the audio of the browser tab, enable "Tab Audio".
  • Enable "Drawing Tools" if you want to write and draw on the recording screen.

Note: Tab Audio and Drawing Tools are enabled by default when you enter the DemoAir extension.

You will only need to give access to the Microphone and Webcam when your first time recording with them.

tab recording

If you want to use a screen recorder for Chrome to capture a presentation, browser tab recording mode will be a great choice to focus on the presentation tab.

3. Click "Start Recording"

Note: If you choose to embed webcam, you can set the webcam recording frame to circle or rectangle, the default is circle. You can also close the webcam when recording.

When the Browser Tab is recording, a blue recording box icon will appear at the right of the Tab title.

recording box

Pause/ Resume/ Restart/ Stop Tab Recording

Pause/ Resume tab recording

Select the button pause from the DemoAir browser extension to pause/resume the recording.

End a tab recording

When you're finished recording, click the DemoAir extension icon and click the stop button.

end recording