9 Corporate Communication Tools Assist Your teams in Staying in Touch and Efficient

The Best Business Messaging Apps for 2021

In your distance work, business messaging tools will help you communicate with your teams efficiently. In this article, you will learn 9 video message tools for communicating with your team asynchronously.

Wondershare DemoAir

DemoAir is an easy-to-use screen recorder to capture your screen and webcam to create a video message for better communication.

As the covid-19 spreads, many more people are able to work from home. If they are unable to return to the workplace, numerous corporate communication tools can assist teams in staying in touch and efficient.

Traditionally, in-office collaboration has depended on business messaging platforms. Aside from the advantages, it offers for company sales, and video message tools can help clients absorb and store information more efficiently than traditional modes of communication. Viewers are more likely to remember 95 percent of a message when viewing a video, compared to only 10 percent when reading text.

With the arrival of COVID-19, teams must consider how to communicate with persons who are quarantined, unable to travel, choose not to meet face to face, or are otherwise isolated. Apps for corporate communications might be an essential part of the strategy.

Anyone may hold one-on-one conversations, invite-only group chats, and public discussions with anyone who wishes to join. When used appropriately, team chat programs are among the best office apps because they make it easier to follow discussions, improve cooperation, and assist in the preservation of corporate culture.

Corporate messaging systems offer considerable advantages over email, which is a productive bottomless pit. For starters, they emphasize simplicity. The approach of "to be succinct with these programs due to their design and increasing etiquette for using them, unlike email, where many individuals feel compelled to over-explain. Furthermore, the vast majority of exchanges are opt-in. If invited to participate in topics that are relevant to oneself, and one is also allowed to ignore anything that isn't. Anyone can place a @ symbol in front of one's username.

That's a lot clearer than being CC on an email and not understanding what one's part in the conversation must be. Finally, messaging programs enable long-term connections, which email does not. Make a "Strategizing" section where individuals may share their ideas whenever they come up with them.

9 video message tools for business: Features and price

In this part, we have listed 9 video message tools for business for you to reference.

1. Slack:


Slack has a lot of positive aspects. This top corporate messaging software allows users to avoid internal email and instead communicate with coworkers more concisely. It operates as a chat tool both in real-time and intermittently, making it suitable for hybrid and all-remote work settings.

Whereas many people love Slack, it is not without flaws. For starters, it is more expensive than almost every other team chat software available. Furthermore, if you utilize the app with its default settings, it might be a sensory overload nightmare. To keep "Slack" workable, one must make several adjustments to preferences and settings.


This awesome video message tool can be used by purchasing three different plans from their official site. The Pro plan costs $ 6.67/month with additional features. Moreover, the Business+ plan is available at $ 12.50/month. Also, big business or corporate owners can try the Enterprise Grid version of this software. However, for the pricing of the Enterprise Grid plan, owners will have to contact the sales department.

Also, the trial version is available with limited features at $0/month.

2. Glip by RingCentral:


Throughout a pandemic, email just isn't a reliable enough means of communication. To compensate, many small businesses are using business messaging applications to connect with coworkers. Glip is a video message tool that is comparable to rivals like Slack, Flock, and Zoho Cliq. It allows you to hold real-time or asynchronous discussions with coworkers in an environment that encourages brevity and directness.

Unfortunately, it lacks a few features seen in other chat applications, especially conversation threads. In addition, virtual whiteboarding and meeting tools such as transcription would be welcome additions to its video calling service.


There are four plans available for the Glip video message tool. Firstly, the Essentials plan comes at $29.99/user/month and allows message and phone features. Secondly, the Standard plan can be purchased at $37.99/user/month and comes with the message, video, and phone benefits. Thirdly, the Premium plan has a price of $44.99/user/month and offers a message, video, phone, and open API features. Lastly, the Ultimate plan costs $59.99/user/month and provides the same benefits as the Premium plan but with additional features. 

3. Zoho Cliq:


An inexpensive video message tool that can be used to organize video meetings for businesses. It has many features such as video and audio calls for unlimited time. Also, participants can send messages to other fellow participants, which can be read from the Inbox section. An excellent feature of live status allows the users to determine whether a person is online or offline.

Additionally, there are many other features available in this tool that can be exploited to conduct a successful online business meeting. 


It is free to use and does not cost a single penny if the business meeting is held on a small scale. However, if there are more than 500 users, the UNLIMITED plan costs 100 INR/user/month. If the users exceed over 10,000, the cost is reduced to 40 INR. Hence, Zoho Cliq is one of the best video message tools for small-scale meetings. 

4. Microsoft Teams:


It is the most trusted and secured meeting app from one of the biggest tech companies, Microsoft. There are plenty of features offered by Microsoft Teams that make it easy to use the video message tool. The integration of this software to other Microsoft software such as Word, PowerPoint, or Office Apps provides a good user experience. The business owners or presenters can share the screen as well as documents simultaneously. Also, only one account of Microsoft can be used in every app for the sake of user data synchronization. 


It is free-to-use software. However, Microsoft 365 Business Basic plan can be purchased at INR. 125/user/month that provides additional integrated apps and services. Also, Microsoft 365 Business Standard plan costs INR. 660/user/month with 10 integrated services such as OneDrive, Outlook, etc. Finally, Office 365 E3 comes with the full version of Microsoft Teams at INR. 1,440/user/month.

5. Twist:


It is a slack alternative video message tool. Features like threads help to keep the whole business conversation in a proper understandable, and retrievable manner. Also, data can be shared online via channels. Private or team messaging is also enabled with high security. 


Free to use at $0/user/month. Also, the UNLIMITED plan can be purchased at $5/user/month with additional features. 

6. Flock:


Various features such as video conferencing, channel messaging, and integrated search are available here. Also, people can send voice notes over this platform. Moreover, other features such as file sharing, To-Dos, Reminders, and Polls can be created using this excellent tool. 


Free to use for 1-20 members. The Pro version costs INR. 199/user/month for 20-100 users. Also, the Enterprise version can be purchased after asking for a quote from their official site. 

7. Google Hangouts Chat:


It is a secured messaging tool from one of the biggest companies in the world, Google. Participants can start chatting by signing in using their Google accounts. Easy to use and cheapest option for small-scale business meetings.


Free to use. 

8. Ryver:


This is another slack alternative tool with features like unlimited voice and video calls, tasks, chats, and forums. Also, it offers searching, integration, and file sharing features that can be used unlimitedly.  

Furthermore, the user data is perfectly secured with strictly regulated data storage and a robust encryption security system. Secure login methods are applied for the sake of individual security. 


The STARTER pack costs $49/month and allows 12 users. Its UNLIMITED pack costs $99/month and allows unlimited users. Also, the ENTERPRISE plan can be purchased at $149/month with additional features such as SSO and premium support. 

9. SpiderOak Semaphor:


This video message tool provides the messaging service by creating teams and channels. Also, this software allows file sharing with the highest data security. Hence, one can send their secret files to others without any hesitation. 


SpiderOak Semaphor costs $9/month and allows file sharing and encrypted chat features. SpiderOak Encryptr can be download for free from the official site. However, to purchase SpiderOak One, business owners will have to contact the support team. 

DemoAir: Software to record your video message:


In this section, let's look at the best screen recorder and video message tool, Wondershare DemoAir. It allows the screen recording during the online business meeting for further reference. That is to say, after installing the DemoAir extension in the browser, it can be used to record the meetings. 

Furthermore, it is easy to use, and there is no need for a download and separate setup for this tool. People can start using directly from their extension menu after the successful installation of the extension from the official site. 

The extension is free to use now with all the recording and video sharing features.

Wondershare DemoAir

DemoAir is an online screen recorder to record your desktop, browser tab or webcam only and share video directly to different platforms.



Recording online business meetings and sharing the screen during meetings has become necessary in this pandemic time. So, people can use video message tools like DemoAir or other software mentioned above.


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