5 Ways to Share Your Screen Recording

5 Ways to Share Your Screen Recording Video

Online screen sharing is a new consolidated way to remotely communicate with your colleagues, partners and students. In this article, we will introduce 5 ways to share your screen recording.

Wondershare DemoAir

DemoAir is an easy-to-use screen recorder to capture your screen and webcam to create a video message for better communication.

Modern technology is opening new ways of making things for several activities. One of those activities conceptually evolving as fast as technology develops is modern work. The concept of work is suffering massive changes in part due to COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns and restrictions that had forced businesses to rethink ways to stay in operation while keeping employees and staff safe.

Part1 Sharing is Vital for Collaboration

Remote work, telework, collaboration, and online screen sharing are beyond any doubt new consolidated ways of doing what before pandemics was defined as traditional work, which is giving service in exchange for a payment.

One effective way to remotely collaborate is online screen sharing through screen recording. Users can simply record processes, activities, templates, explanations or tutorials, and share them via software or online application. In addition, there are several ways to efficiently share screen recordings. Platforms offer a variety of tools that can help users to share their screen recordings and choosing any of them could depend on personal requirements or even taste. However, screen sharing can be a little stressful if users don’t have the right tools, especially when they try to share large video files that can’t be sent by email.

Tools to Help You Share a Screen Recording

There are several tools to help users to share screen recording but they are quite different and have their specific pros and cons.

No. 1 Google Drive


It is, beyond any doubt, one of the best and standardized ways for sharing files, not only video but audio, pictures, and any other format. 


Is easy to upload files to the cloud and share them via link-sharing or allowing access for other users.

You can decide with whom you share files like videos, and you have the option to share with larger groups.


It requires doing several processes to finally share the videos, like uploading the file, obtaining a link, and sharing it, and users can’t preview the screen video directly on Drive without a link or access permission.

No. 2 YouTube


This is a very popular way to upload and portray videos and tutorials with very single production processes like screen recordings.


Youtube is a very popular social platform that, in addition, has the option to monetize your videos views and followers.

Its comments sections are useful for share ideas online, receive feedback and perspectives around a certain video.

Categorize function can be used to prop the video into a playlist of analog videos.


The process to upload and effectively put out videos for sharing requires several steps.

It can produce copyright issues and claims by Youtube itself or even other public users if videos are misused or have unauthorized, improper diffusion.

Advertising can get bothering, especially if you need to play a long video.

No. 3 DemoAir


Wondershare DemoAir is a great option for online screen sharing as it is a very versatile software, easy to use and install, and better of all, it’s free.


Aside from installation and a few configuration touches, DemoAir dramatically reduces the process between screen recording and sharing into single steps: 1) Record your screen, 2) Use some of the DemoAir tools, and 3) Share online via link or export to another platform as an mp4 file.

In addition to this, some DemoAir features are really interesting, as you can make annotations to the recording, do a fast video edition and create folders to keep your videos in order.

Totally free to use

Easy installation via Chrome browser


Still relatively unknown as a software tool, it could need further development.

Wondershare DemoAir

DemoAir is an online screen recorder to record your desktop, browser tab or webcam only and share video directly to different platforms.


No. 4 Slack


Another good option for online screen sharing creatively is Slack as it operates incorporated with email.


It can integrate several applications like Google Drive and Droplr to help in video-sharing and make it more efficient.

The use of channels lets users decide how to share videos and with whom. This lets the users filter who are the final receivers of the file or link.

It lets users have a preview of the file before clicking on it for direct reproduction of the video or even downloading it.


It has a limited amount of data that users can host and for obtaining more data hosting capacity the only option is upgrading to paid service.

It is difficult to comment and collaborate around shared files because data often get lost in channels, depending on how large they are.

No. 5 Dropbox


Dropbox is a popular workspace tool, not only for online file sharing but for file backup and cloud storing.


Dropbox lets the user access files from any device, and it has versions both for Mac and Windows, as well as an Internet browser tool and a smartphone app.

It generates an automatic backup of all stored and shared files, granting that users will never have to worry about losing them.

It automatically creates sending links for easy sharing of video files even if other users don’t have Dropbox installed.


However, one Dropbox limitation is a very short free data storage amount (2GB) and for users to obtain more, will need to pay for a subscription.

Users can’t make a real-time edition of shared files.

Some tasks can be difficult to complete if users don’t have Dropbox installed.

How to Access Screen Recordings

If you are looking for an easy-to-install and operate software tool to record and share your video files, then you have to try DemoAir Screen Recorder. With DemoAir, you have easy access to your files through the DemoAir dashboard via Google Chrome. From there, users can download, share video with a link or embed on any website.

Which Sharing Tool is the Right One for You?

Choosing an appropriate sharing tool that suits your needs could depend on several factors, especially what kind of activity the user is working on. However, if there is a sharing tool with properties and features that could meet the requirements of almost any kind of activity or task, it is DemoAir.

 DemoAir doesn’t have space storage limitations, watermarks, paywalls, or any other restriction and that’s why it is a very attractive option not only for business but for education and collaboration.

If you want to know more about screen recording, don’t forget to check out our screen recording 101 tutorial. But if that is not enough, you can go and take a look at our screen recording features compilation, where you can inform about what advantages an online screen recorder should have. And if you want to learn how to share big files on Internet, click here.


Online screen sharing is a new way to collaborate and communicate within and between workgroups, because it is quite efficient and it has a wide range of possibilities to expand and develop furthermore from what we are seeing, as software or apps. 

This revolutionary scope is consolidating even more as studies and data are reporting that employees could be more productive working remotely and the facts are that the COVID-19 pandemic is still affecting countries and economies, and isolated vaccination processes are being conducted but not completed to achieve herd immunity.

New software and applications are coming out and they have very useful and easy-to-use free versions, as is the case with DemoAir.

The price-value relationship in DemoAir is quite good, as you can have several useful features like quick edition and annotations inside videos.

In addition, DemoAir reduces and simplifies processes to make it easier for the user to record and almost immediately share videos online.

So, don’t hesitate to add Demo Air to your Chrome browser and give it a try, you will not be disappointed at all.


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